Whole House Water Treatment Systems

To start yourself in finding a good whole house water treatment system: Finalize on your water source, whether it is tap water, well water, or another source. Then try checking the quality of it. Alternatively, if you are not sure about the source of the water to the faucet, it is advisable to go for a test kit from the store.

Test your filters:

There are certain contaminants present in the water in which it has to undergo through a filter to purify it. NSF International organization states that NSF Standard 42 means the filter pass of aesthetic effects, which is chlorine removal, leaving water smelling and tasting better. When anyone who looking for a more hygienic purpose, should go for NSF Standard 53, which is the removal of lead, giardia, and completely purified! In addition, there is NSF Standard 401 Certified for the certification of complete removal of toxins, drugs, and pesticides for sound health.

Characteristics of water being provided by a good whole house water treatment system:

Filtering effectiveness:

When considering the filtering efficiency, water pitcher and water dispensers rank on the same scale as the best. By providing complete water-filtration with five different not only stages, but also as an add-on, it provides a verified filtering level tested and approved by TDS meter. Along with that, handy dispensers, which you can find at the bottom of the kit allow for removal of excess of water stored in the unit. With regard to filtering ability, it eradicates the limescale presence completely, and apart from removing water contaminants, it also turns water soft.

Filtering duration:

The filtering duration of the kit depends on the water quality, the more the water has impurities the lesser the speed of the filter might be, in which the system works harder effort to clean up the contaminants from the water, leaving it pure and capable for drinking. Normally, the duration of the filter depends upon the tap water quality – thus we discussed above.

Taste of the water:

Sometimes a pitcher water filter leaves a pale chlorine taste after purification, but it is still capable of being consumed. Keep in mind that the lesser taste of the water must be considered with more purification.


If your household is big and you need quite large amount of water, then a water-dispenser filtration system would be the right choice when comparing to pitcher water filter.

Filtering speed:

If you attached your water pitcher filter with the faucet directly and given pressure from downwards, then your filtration system’s speed might be around 9 glasses of water in a ten-minute time period. Actually, this process is slightly faster when compared to other water filters which let down the water by dripping down through the kit. In addition, refilling is quite easy and could be done in minutes for the filters that have the option to pour water through a lid opening. Speed is not actually the right factor to concern yourself with a lot in which water purity and taste matter in fact.

On the other hand, people normally go for look and appeal in terms of style and color of the water pitcher filter kit. You can choose any color, shade, and style types which can personalize any living area.