Water Filter System for Home

When considering the environment situation, it is hard to intake water from its natural source only apart from the mountain streams. If you are at the condition to take tap water, the answer is that NO, since there present n numbers of water pollutants and contaminants.

In addition, why require a water filter:  If you are drinking tap water, the answer to that question is 300+ chemicals and pollutants, according to research from the Environmental Working Group. Among these contaminants are arsenic, cadmium, lead, zinc, copper, et al as the hazardous substances for the human well-being when intake.

Water Filter System for Home – Under-Counter Water Filter

Though we come across that under counter water filter performs well enough in purifying water from all means of harmful substances, we ought to see to the reviews over it to decide on and to get answers for any clarifications.

  1. It performs really efficient in removing fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, cadmium, zinc, et al with minimum 99.9% effectiveness
  2. It does not strip all the minerals present in the water, else adding to them back
  3. It costs affordable and requires no technical installation method including filter refill
  4. Provide maximum gallons of water for a household of five numbers even

One of the reviews sound good on radian life under counter 14 stages filter – Reverse Osmosis + Active Carbon granules + Ultraviolet – which is of an only kind and the only filter that re-mineralizes the water absolutely. With this type of filter, water undergoes below-appending stages as:

  1. Five-micron pre-filtering process
  2. Filtered by an internal shell of a carbon unit
  3. Reverse osmosis membrane for stage one of the filtration
  4. A mixed bed of de-ionization purifier of stage two
  5. A mixed bed of de-ionization purifier of stage three
  6. Homeopathic restructuring for restarting the execution and to maintain the molecule coherence
  7. Holding tank to hold back about 3 gallons of purified water and also comes with utility tanks
  8. The ultraviolet light energy of about 14 Watts
  9. Feature for reprogramming to add natural minerals back to the purified water
  10. Feature for far infrared reprogramming
  11. Filtered by external carbon-coconut shell i.e. Post filtration
  12. Feature for alkalizing and ionic re-mineralization i.e. Alka: Re-Min

Under counter water filter state that such kind of filter removes lead, chlorine, fluoride, chromium, nitrates, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, MTBE, water-borne illness and other contaminants & pollutants present in the water. Few more unique features leave the kit on demand, which purifies water with three incorporated significations of reverse osmosis, and two de-ionization purifying stages. This actually ensures water purification about 99.99% wherein after a year usage you can observe about 80% in which when you replace or change the filter; you can gain back the efficiency.


On the other way around, under counter water filter wins the survey for the best water filter system for home, which is an affordable option for a great water filtering option, which takes only a meager space in your kitchen area. In fact, the 14-stages filter will not cost much expense and provides the best deal in getting pure drinking water.