So Which is better for Drinking?

Everyone raises a common question whenever we talk about water purifier for home – whether water purifier is good for health or a water softener would provide sound health.  It is a puzzled one for a longer time. Just know the difference between these two in which you can get a clear picture.

Water purifying is an easy and effective way to get purified drinking water. When compared to other systematic and advanced purifier system, water filter jugs and water purifiers play familiar roles in all the households in recent days. In addition, because of its easy installation, quick replacement or to change the filter and affordable yet effective such kind became the best option for water purifying.

Water purifier or filter: It is of a different game when comparing to other filtration systems altogether. Pitcher water filtration technology just helps you in all means to remove out all the toxins & water contaminants hiding in one glass of water. Many of us use well water as the water source, wherein you have to see to the components that seep into the soil every day. Pesticides from house garden or from farmland area may contaminate the water source, and other means of chemicals such as gasoline additives, plastic additives, thinners et al make their own way to mix with a water source. Hence, water filtration system is required for pure and healthy drinking water!

Water purifier for the home makes the filtration system sure that the water comes out of the faucet would be free of any type of contaminants.

Water softener: Water source from the places in the inner city, or water from the places of hot weather, or area with high mineral content or a low rainfall area must be very hard. A water softener is just a technique to convert hard water into softer one, of which liable to use.

The hardness of water is that in which you can see a dried or dirty wet chalk white over the inside your utensils or any other appliances where you use such hard water. Hard water has two elements those are: Calcium and magnesium. These cause the presence of limescale inside your pipelines and other inner surfaces where we imply water softener to treat.

Water softener working methodology:

  • Water softeners are salt based and have the capability of removing away the lime scales completely
  • They neutralize calcium and magnesium by the technique of electromagnetic waves before the water gets out for usage from the faucet level
  • Though they do not have the ability to completely eradicate the hardness of water, they just play a role of conditioning the water

So which is better for drinking?

Now the choice is yours. Think well and deeply, whether just conditioning the water with no water contaminants are removed is good for health or a filtration system that removes impurities, toxins & mixed up chemicals from water thus providing a pure drinking water is apt for sound health.