Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water

There are a number of water filters for good water available on the market with different types, sizes, features and with cup numbers. You see there are numbers of models and some brand types of filtering well water dispensers alone, which can store a large quantity of water to filter.

Dispense types hold a large quantity of water in which you can fix it at a comfortable place to get water at one specific point. Households having small kids should choose dispenser types for both safety, and water could be saved from the small ones by piping it out unnecessarily. Cup models are very compact, where you can carry in your baggage, move around the house like a water jug, and could be even placed inside the refrigerator for best results to get pure chilled drinking water.

Many of the filtration pitchers and dispenser types have the water-filling feature at the top. In addition, you might get a small hose to be attached to the pure water outlet along with the kit, and they are of completely BPA free.

Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water

Mostly, the best water filters differ in prices depending on their features. The filtering choices include a budget factor, usage of water, maintenance, and very importantly the rate of contaminants present in the water.

Carafe water filters:

These are the best using water filter types in which these types remove water contaminants that include lead and chloroform by leaving zero damage to the filtering cartridges and flow rates. This type actually gets maximum speed in filtering water, no prone for clogging with a longer lifespan. For a nuclear family, one or two carafe water filter is more enough to fill one-day water usage. In addition, the price range of such type varies from $20 to $68 depending upon the size.

Faucet mounted water filter:

It allows for easy installation in which you can just unscrew the aerator from its threaded edge of the faucet and you can just screw with the filter tip. In addition, in this type, you can switch over between filtered and unfiltered water, wherein on the downside it slows down the flow of the water. However, it is slightly tough to fit on all types of faucets, but you can try with pullout sprayers. Price range for these types varies from $19 to $30.

Counter-top water-filtration system:

This type allows you to filter larger gallons of water with zero modification and plumbing technique. Here you have to remove the faucet aerator, and then have to screw the filter onto the faucet. This type is less likely in demand when compared to the carafe and faucet-mounted types. You have to keep in mind that this type fits less on the faucets wherein it needs clutter for a counter-top. Price range for these types varies from $100 to $1000.

Under-sink water-filtration system:

Similar to counter-top filters, you can filter larger gallons of water. Instead of cluttering the counter, this type of filters occupies space over the cabinet down below the sink. Sometimes, it requires technical plumbing fixing and a hole drilling for the dispense that passes through the sink or the counter-top. Price range for these types varies from $70 to $450.